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Property Hold
The hold we place on our properties will expire 3 months before your wedding. Please check with us if you have not created a code word for your property hold. Please let your guests know that they will need your code word to book our properties. The code does NOT get them a discount but any wedding guest that books 3 nights may have a 4th night free. The free night is not automatic, guests must book 3 nights and then include a request for us to add the free 4th night when they book. You can direct your guests to this

Welcome Cabin
Designate a cabin to be a welcome center for guests as they arrive in Shenandoah Woods. Have drinks and snacks, weekend itineraries and welcome bags.
Lakeland Cabin is a great spot because it is the first cabin on Log Cabin Drive and it is near the Pavilion. Somerset is also a great choice. It is not far from the entrance of Shenandoah Woods and has plenty of space.

Welcome Bags
As an alternative to a welcome cabin you can stage welcome bags at the cabins. Fill them with itineraries, maps, favors, snacks, etc. We can assist with recommending gifts and snacks from local bakers and artisans.

Rehearsal Dinner
Most guests will already be in the area on Friday so why not have a big rehearsal or welcome dinner? You have lots of location options:
The Pavilion, Somerset, Chadwick and Joseph House. Or you might host a dinner in Luray at The Warehouse Art Gallery, Mimslynn Inn or the Hotel Laurance.

A Sunday Brunch is a great way to end the weekend. Most guests will check out by 11am. Have them stop by for donuts, bagels and coffee on their way out of town. It’s one more time to visit and say goodbye.
Chadwick or Somerset are good locations. Carpe Donut at the Scenic Pond make an amazing brunch.

shuttle is included with your wedding, use it not only to transport your guests but to shuttle the bridal party around Shenandoah Woods for photos. Don’t forget to have your caterer put snacks and drinks on the shuttle! Our shuttle carries 13 passengers. Please note that it cannot transport more than about 50 guests in an hour from our cabins. A round trip to Luray takes about 40 minutes.

If there will be a lot of children at the reception consider moving them to a night care center after dinner. The theater level at
Somerset is a good place. Hire or bring in a sitter, play a movie, have snacks and games. The grown-ups can have fun at the reception and easily check on the kids throughout the evening.

Ceremony Beverage Station
If your wedding will be during the summer consider having cold drinks available at the ceremony location. Serve bottled water, lemonade, even mimosas! You might also provide fans and bug spray.

Food trucks & trailers
Most weddings use a caterer but imagine the fun and choices if you bring in several food trucks instead.

Ice Cream or Donuts for dessert
Traditional cake is great but what if you have a donut or ice cream truck for dessert?

Lawn Games
Guests love socializing while playing lawn games like corn hole and ladder ball at the Pavilion. We have a corn hole set you may use.

Fireworks can be
spectacular but a few notes: A competent fireworks company must be used. Fireworks may not be set off when local/state fire bans are in effect. A local firetruck must be on-site during the show. Virginia Sky Painters are not allowed to perform at Shenandoah Woods.

Tents are not allowed on the lawn. Tents are allowed on the gravel areas. Extreme caution is to be used when driving stakes in order to avoid underground utilities.

Vinyl Walls
The clear vinyl walls may only be installed and taken down by a Shenandoah Woods representative. They cannot be put up or taken down quickly so please plan in advance if they will be needed. The walls cannot be left up overnight. The barn doors cannot be left closed overnight. If windy weather is possible we suggest you wait until the day of the reception to set up.

Dance Floor
Our dance floor may only be set up and taken down by a Shenandoah Woods representative. If you would like to use the dance floor please coordinate the location with us well in advance. The dance floor is RARELY used, most weddings prefer to have a larger and more flexible dance area on the Pavilion floor.

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